2014-15 College Catalog

2014-15 College Catalog Cover2014-2015

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Editor's Note: The Catalog has undergone major revisions this year. We have attempted to better organize and present material. You may want to download either the Table of Contents or Index, to get a better idea of where to find the information you need.

General Information

Table of Contents, Welcome Letter, About NPC, Business & Community Services, Frequently-Called Telephone Numbers – (Front Cover and pages 1–10) (1.2 MB)

Admission Information - Revised

Admission Requirements, Registration Information, Student Orientation, Academic Calendar, Tuition, Fees & Payments, Refunds  – (pages 11–24) (1.5 MB)

Student Services

Academic Advising, Bookstore, NPC Alert System, Financial Aid Information, GED, Library, Records Office, Tutoring, Veterans Services, Student Rights & Responsibiity Polices & Procedures – (pages 25–68) (5.4 MB)

Graduation Requirements

Course Delivery Methods, Degree & Certificate Graduation Requirements, Transcripts, Scholastic Honors, Grades — (pages 69–76) (975 KB)

Programs and Degrees

General Education Values, Degrees and Certificates Offered, University Transfer, Specific Degree Requirements – (pages 77–142) (3.7 MB)

Course Descriptions

A brief description of what is covered in each class (Note: Not every class listed is offered each semester, nor at every location. Some are only offered if there is sufficient demand. Check with your Academic Adviser on course availability.) – (pages 143–210) (5.6 MB)

Governing Board, Emeriti, Administration, Faculty

NPC governing board, retired faculty and meritorious service staff, administrators, and full time faculty(pages 211–220) (1.1 MB)

Catalog Index

Searchable to find the page you need. Also For the Record information – (pages 221–232 & Back Cover) (1.2 MB)

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