2018-19 Degree & Certificate Check Sheets

2018 – 2019 Catalog

Students and academic advisers utilize the degree and certificate check sheets to determine which courses are required to complete the course of study. Each is based on the current year's catalog. Students should review their progress and check for possible updates with their adviser prior to the start of each semester. Check sheets are available as Adobe PDF downloads.

University Transfer
NPC Transfer Degrees:

These degrees will transfer fully to all three state public Arizona universities.

Students can find out more information about the Arizona transfer process at the AZTransfer Web site.

General Studies Degree:

Associate of Applied Science
Degrees & Certificates:
Area of Study CP CAS AAS
Automotive Technology (ATO)   CAS AAS
   Brake and Transmission Systems CP    
   Drive Train, Suspension and Steering, HVAC CP    
   Electrical and Electronic Systems CP    
   Engine Performance CP    
   Engine Repair CP    
Business Studies (BUS)      
   Accounting CP CAS AAS
   Entrepreneurship CP CAS AAS
   Management and Leadership CP CAS AAS
   Medical Office Technologies CP CAS AAS
   Modern Office Technologies CP CAS AAS
Computer Information Systems (CIS)      
   Commercial Graphics Fundamentals CP    
   Computer Information Systems (REVISED)   CAS AAS
   Cybersecurity (REVISED) CP CAS AAS
   Network and PC Support (REVISED) CP CAS AAS
   Web Development and Graphic Design (REVISED)   CAS AAS
      Graphic Design CP    
      Web Development (REVISED) CP    
Construction Technology (CON) CP CAS AAS
   Drafting (DRF) CP    
Cosmetology (COS) CP CAS AAS
   Cosmetology Instructor CP    
   Hair Styling CP    
   Nail Technician CP    
Early Childhood Development (ECD)      
   Early Childhood Studies CP CAS AAS
Education (EDU)      
   Education Professions CP    
Energy and Industrial Technician (EIT)      
   Electrical CP CAS AAS
   Electrical and Instrumentation CP CAS AAS
   Industrial Electrical, Motors and PLC's CP CAS AAS
   Industrial Mechanics and Fluid Power CP CAS AAS
   Industrial Plant Operations CP CAS AAS
   Instrumentation CP CAS AAS
   Mechanical Maintenance CP CAS AAS
   Operations/Maintenance CP CAS AAS
Film and Digital Video (FDV) CP CAS AAS
Fire Science (FRS)   CAS AAS
   Firefighter CP    
   Driver/Operator CP    
   Leadership CP    
Human Services (HUS)      
   Residential Child/Youth Care Assistant CP CAS AAS
Medical Assistant (MDA) CP CAS AAS
Nursing (NUR)      
   CNA to RN     AAS
   Paramedic to RN     AAS
   LPN to RN     AAS
   Practical Nursing   CAS  
Nursing Assistant (NAT) CP    
Paramedicine (EMT) CP CAS AAS
Welding (WLD)   CAS AAS
   Welding Level I – Entry-Level Welder CP    
   Welding Level II – Intermediate Welder CP    
   Welding Level III – Advanced Welder CP