GED - High School Equivalency Diploma

Computer-based testing is now available at the Holbrook and Show Low NPC campuses.
For dates, times, general information, payment process and to register go to or call (877) 392-6433. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about computerized testing Web page.

About this program

The GED® (General Education Diploma) test provides a method to award a high school equivalency degree to adults who have not graduated from traditional high schools. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people, people like you, earn their GED®s. Perhaps you left school to help take care of your family. Maybe you didn't "fit in" with the kids at the high school you attended or, maybe, you didn't think a high school diploma really meant anything. Now you know what it means NOT to have that piece of paper!

It's not too late! The NPC GED® program provides you the opportunity to earn your high school equivalency diploma outside of school. It could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

■ The benefits

  • Get a better job: The majority of jobs in this country require a high school diploma. The GED® transcript is accepted by employers, just like a high school diploma.
  • Continue your education: A GED® transcript is accepted at most colleges and universities across the country as proof you have completed your high school education. GED® graduates are eligible to apply for federal financial aid, such as Pell Grants. Some colleges even have scholarship programs specifically for GED® graduates.
  • Feel more self-respect: By earning their diplomas, many GED® graduates experience a remarkable improvement in how they feel about themselves and their lives. It can make a difference!
  • Increase your income: Income increases with your level of education. A better job usually means better pay.
  • Invest in the future: Educated parents have better educated children. Earning a GED® isn't just an investment in yourself, it is also an investment in the future of your children.
  • Earn a bonus: Those who pass the GED® examination at NPC are awarded a six-credit hour NPC scholarship that also covers the Media Fee – over a $400 value!

NPC Offers

■ Orientation

Northland Pioneer College strongly recommends completion of two preparatory courses (CCP 055x and CCP 098) prior to taking the GED® test. Your chances of successfully passing the GED® on the first attempt nearly double!
In the first course, CCP 055x Opportunities Through Education, you'll achieve sufficient TABE scores to move onto CCP 098.

Upon completion of CCP 055x and 098, students will receive a recommendation for either further instruction or GED® testing.

GED® Test dates

All test scheduling is done by Pearson VUE at or call (877) 392-6433.


The GED® test measures your knowledge and academic skills against those of today's traditional high school graduates. Most test questions require the understanding of broad concepts and generalizations, rather than the ability to remember facts, details or precise definitions. The 2014 test covers four areas — Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts (previously two separate tests for Reading and Writing).

The 4-battery test costs $140, or $35 per section. (Fees are set by Pearson VUE - not NPC!)

You may take the entire exam at once, or schedule individual components.

■ Passing scores

  • GED® Honors Score: 170 – 200
  • GED® Passing Score: 150 – 169
  • Below Passing: 100 – 149
  • You'll find your test scores at

■ Re-testing

In the event a candidate does not pass any one or more of the exams, you may re-test. You'll find the re-testing policy and can schedule the re-test at

GED® test admission requirements

  • You must have proper ID and be 18 years or older. 16- and 17-year olds are cleared to test with notarized parental consent AND an official notice of withdrawal from the last school attended. Tester MUST register on BEFORE submitting documentation at any NPC campus or center office AND BEFORE scheduling a test.
  • You must have one form of identification (see list below). 
  • NOTE: A tester is NOT eligible for a refund if turned away from the testing site for not having acceptable identification.

View our Frequently Asked Questions about computerized testing Web page.

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Identification is required by the GED® Testing Service and the Arizona Department of Education. Documentation must be presented at every GED® Test Center visit. Identity and age must be verified using ONLY the following acceptable photograph-bearing identification forms:

or Government-issued Identification Card
ID may be from any state, as long as it is valid.
An Arizona ID card may be obtained through the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. Social Security card and certified birth certificate are required to get the ID.
VALID PASSPORT May be foreign or domestic.
Must show:
Name, address, date-of-birth,
signature, and photograph
CURRENT MATRICULAR CONSULAR CARD Must be current; credit-card sized plastic ID issued by Mexican Consulate
Outdated or Suspicious ID

Outdated identification or identification suspected of being forged will not be accepted. Identification suspected of being forged will be reported to the authorities.

When a Chief Examiner or Examiner has reasonable doubts concerning the validity of a candidate's identification, he/she has the right to question that candidate and withhold the candidate's admission to testing until such time as questions have been answered and doubts resolved.

Testing Non-Citizens

A non-citizen, including refugees, legal and illegal immigrants, resident and non-resident aliens, and other foreign nationals, is eligible to take the GED® Test if he/she meets ALL requirements for identification and eligibility established by the GED® Testing Service (GEDTS) and the Arizona Department of Education.

■ Testing Accommodations

  • This exam is available in English or Spanish
  • All GED® Test Candidates have the right to demonstrate their ability in a way that provides them equal access. People with disabilities may be able to test using GED® Testing Accommodations that ensure them equal access. All testing accommodations are handled through Pearson VUE. Apply for accommodation at

For questions regarding the GED® orientation at NPC
  • Contact College and Career Preparation at your local NPC location, or call (800) 266-7845 ext. 6535.
For questions regarding the GED® test at NPC
  • Contact the GED® & Computer-Based Testing Coordinator at (800) 266-7845 ext. 6142 or send an email.