Grade Point Average (GPA)

Your academic standing at NPC is based on your grade point average (GPA).

  • Your semester GPA is the average of your grades for any one
    given semester.
  • Your cumulative GPA is the average of all your grades throughout your college career. Your cumulative GPA is the one used to determine if you are in good academic standing at NPC and the one universities and professional schools will ask about.
  • Your GPA is computed only from courses in which you earn grades
    A through F. ( W, I, P, AU grades do NOT count toward your GPA)
  • Grades earned in courses transferred from other institutions are not included in your GPA calculation.
  • GPA calculation is taken to two decimal places and is not rounded
    up or down.

To calculate your semester GPA:
1. Take the number of points earned for your grade in a course
2. Multiply by the number of credits that course earns
3. The result is the number of “quality points” earned for one course.
    Example: You take ENL 101 which earns 3 credits and receive a  A  as a
    final semester grade. An  A  grade is worth 4.0 points.
    [3 credits  x  4 points = 12 quality points earned for the course]
4. Figure out the number of quality points earned for all your courses in
    one semester
5. Add together all your quality points earned for one semester
6. Add together all the credits you earned in one semester
7. Divide the total of quality points by the total of semester credits
8. The result is your semester GPA.

Your cumulative GPA is calculated the same way. Add all your quality points earned for all semesters and divide it by the total number of credits earned for all semesters.