NPC Strategic Plan

Strategic Priority I
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Our Mission
Northland Pioneer College provides, supports
and promotes lifelong learning.
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To improve student success, the college will identify and remove barriers to completion.
What we heard that shaped this
strategic priority:
  • The college advising process must be updated
    and enhanced.
  • Students need active support from faculty and staff to overcome their challenges.
  • To assist educational planning the college should implement a two-year scheduling model.
  • We should be more responsive to community needs and workforce trends.
What we will do to identify and remove barriers to student completion:

1.  Implement phase one of PASS (Proactive Advising for Student Success).
2.  Implement and promote to students a two year class schedule.
4.  Analyze study group written recommendations for potential adoption of feasible student childcare and transportation options.
5.  Analyze current and potential program offerings to ensure we are serving our communities.

1.  Proactive Advising for Student Success | Operations Plan | Current Status
2.  Two-year Schedule | Operations Plan | Current Status
3.  Childcare Study Group | Current Status

4.  Transportation Study Group | Current Status
5.  Program Offerings | Current Status

Strategic Priority II
To improve the user experience with technology, the college will enhance technology professional development and
improve the NPC website and MyNPC.
What we heard that shaped this strategic priority:
  • The quality and quantity of available technical training does not meet the needs of the college community.
  • The current NPC website ( is not mobile friendly and needs an organizational update.
  • The MyNPC website does not meet the needs of staff or students.
  • We should be more responsive to community needs and workforce trends.
What we will do to improve technology, professional development,
and college websites:

1.  Implement a range of technology-focused training and professional development opportunities for college employees.
2.  Review and improve prioritization of IS technology support.
3.  Implement peer-based training founded on college needs and capabilities.
4.  Redesign to be mobile friendly.
5.  Redesign MyNPC website based on industry best practices, user input and redesign. Project to start after
        redesign of is complete.

1.  Training and Professional Development | Current Status
2.  Prioritization IS Technology Support | Current Status
3.  Peer-based Training | Operations Plan | Current Status
4.  Redesign | Operations Plan | Current Status

5.  Redesign MyNPC Website | Operations Plan | Project starts after redesign of