Future Priorities 2018-19

Future Priorities

Comments or inquiries about this Strategic Plan should be addressed to Paul Hempsey, Assistant to the President, (928) 524-7418, by email or by using the NPC Comment Form.

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Colleen Readel and Ernie Eagle
Our Mission
Northland Pioneer College creates, supports
and promotes lifelong learning.
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Northland Pioneer College's Strategic Plan is based on a three-year cycle. Not all objectives outlined in Year One may be able to be completed in a single year. Goals that are still in progress after Year One will be continued into Years Two and or Three.

Future priorities identified by the college:

red arrow  Community and Communication
red arrow  Improve internal communication
red arrow  Improve knowledge and skill level of all
       college employees

red arrow  Improve external communication on
       college successes

red arrow  Develop site based recruitment teams
red arrow  Develop and utilize a clear, consistent recruitment message
red arrow  Enhance partnerships and improve relationships with area parents and high schools