Vice President
  • Rickey Jackson, Interim Vice President for Learning and Student Services
Associate Vice Presidents
  • Maderia Ellison, Chief Business Officer
  • Phillip J. Way, Chief Information Officer

  • Peggy Belknap, Dean of Career and Technical Education
  • Dr. Debra McGinty, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
  • Dr. Wei Ma, Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Gail Campbell, Associate Dean of Education and College and Career Preparation
  • Ann Hess, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
  • Chris Roediger, Director of Human Resources
  • David Huish, Director of Facilities and Vehicles
  • Tracy Mancuso, Director of Small Business Development Center
  • Stan Pirog, Director of Library Services
  • Jeremy Raisor, Director of Enrollment Services
  • Joshua Rogers, Director of Student Services
  • Dr. Judy Yip-Reyes, Director of Institutional Effectiveness