Information for Parents

What is one of the most important questions you will ever ask about your child's future? Certainly one of them is what you want in the college you will entrust with your
teen-ager's education.

In this day and age of economic uncertainty, cost factors may predominate, but even more likely may be your concerns about the quality of that education.

  • Northland Pioneer College addresses both issues with one of the lowest tuition rates of any community college in the state of Arizona, yet is highly regarded for the quality of instruction it offers. Additionally, there is federal financial aid available to many students as well as numerous scholarship opportunities.
Will my child be successful at this school?

NPC features student services to help make the learning experience for your child as trouble free as possible. Expert and friendly advisers at every campus and center counsel your student in making appropriate course selections. If your child has special needs, our Disabilities & Resource Office is eager to arrange accommodations. Not a good grade average in the past? The Learning Cornerstone as well as a tutoring program are in place to help ensure that any student can be successful in his or her NPC coursework.

How safe will my child be?

Evidence compiled for federally-mandated reporting shows very little crime at any Northland campus location. The locales of the four NPC campuses and five centers in Navajo and Apache counties are diverse in their own unique ways.Yet all are alike in being small, pleasant rural communities. And while the college has housing opportunities, we are best described as a "commuter" college; most students continue to live at home while attending. Additionally, the student body is a healthy mixture of young people and adult learners who, tempered by life experiences, offer a steadying influence in the institutional environment.

What can my child do with the education he or she earns at Northland Pioneer College?

Depending on the student's goals, the academic degrees earned at NPC can transfer to a university, thus greatly shortening the time (and money) spent to achieve a bachelor's degree. If, instead, your child wants to begin earning his or her living, NPC vocational degrees and certificates provide evidence to potential employers of a mastery of skills that will benefit their business or industry.

How long does it take to graduate from NPC?

Students taking 15-16 hours of credit for fall and spring semesters, and 3 to 6 credit hours during a summer semester can generally earn an academic or vocational degree in just two years. Students who demonstrate the ability to maintain a B average while taking a minimum of 12 hours in a semester may, with permission from their academic advisor, enroll in up to 19 credit hours the following semester.

Additionally, if you are taking a longterm view in helping your child make a college decision, be sure to investigate whether or not your local high school participates with NPC in the dual enrollment program. By enrolling in this program, your child can earn both high school and college credit at the same time in the high school classroom. For a highly motivated student it is possible to not only graduate from high school, but graduate from NPC in the same year!To help you make your decision about Northland Pioneer College, you may want to visit one of our campuses.

Tour our handsome facilities, appreciate the attractive settings and well-tended landscaping, and, most useful of all, visit with students, instructors and staff about NPC. Find out what others have to say about us. We welcome the opportunity; we'd like to welcome your child as a student.

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