Payment Responsibility

Student Payments

Student payments, third-party payments, and/or scholarships will be applied first to amounts owed the college.

Student Responsibilities for Debt

The tuition and fees charged for the course(s) for which a student registers represent a valid educational debt that the student owes to Navajo County Community College District, doing business as Northland Pioneer College (NPC).

The student agrees to pay any amounts remaining unpaid after the application of financial aid, third-party payments, and/or scholarships, if any. Return of financial aid awards and/or scholarships resulting from the student’s withdrawal from one or more courses also represent a valid educational debt the student owes to NPC and agrees to pay.


A student who fails to pay his or her outstanding obligations to the college may be denied future enrollment until the account is settled in full. Transcripts and grades will not be released until all financial obligations to the college have been met.

Collection Fees

Should action be necessary to collect a delinquent account, the student agrees to pay the collection costs, attorney fees and court costs incurred for collection. The student also understands that information regarding a delinquency may be disclosed to credit bureaus and may affect his or her credit rating.


Northland Pioneer College may charge a collection fee to any student having a delinquent account. The collection fee will equal NPC’s cost of collection which is 23 percent of the balance owed and collected in the first year of collection and 28.5 percent of the balance owed and collected in the second year of collection. The fees are effective as of July 1, 2013 and apply to student accounts placed with a collection agent after the Fall 2013 semester.

Students who provide Northland Pioneer College with their cell phone number are agreeing that NPC or its agents may contact them at the current or any future number provided using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages.

The student’s signature on the Registration Form represents understanding and agreement to all NPC’s payment and collection fee terms.

Payment Plan

All college tuition and fees must be paid by the dates listed in that semester’s NPC Class Schedule or online. Students may take advantage of the e-Cashier Payment Plan online. A fee or down payment may be required.