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Direct to WorkThe Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is geared toward students who want to finish their degree and move directly into employment. The AAS prepares you for the workforce in a variety of fields like automotive technology, computer technology, film & digital video, nursing, cosmetology, early childhood development, graphic design, construction, welding and many more. See areas of study listed below.

Our AAS degree programs are based on skills achievement, and many have affiliations with external accrediting agencies and national professional organizations that not only demonstrate the programs’ currency but also increase your employability options. The career benefits of the AAS are significant and can be your path to a solid economic future.

Note: Not all programs are offered all semesters or at all NPC locations. Some courses are offered only on demand. An NPC academic adviser can provide you with the accurate and up-to-date information you need to ensure a speedy path to career success.

NPC Requirements

  • The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree requires a minimum of 64 hours of course credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Some courses have placement requirements or prerequisites that may result in coursework beyond 64 credits. These courses, too, require a grade of “C” [or “P”] or better. For information about prerequisites, see Part IV, Course Descriptions, or consult an NPC academic adviser.
  • In most general education courses, special emphasis is placed on developing written communication skills with intensive writing requirements. Race and ethnic issue awareness is embedded throughout the general education requirements.
  • Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic adviser to ensure that all studies will apply toward their degree or educational goals.

Degree Requirements

64 Total Credits

General Education Requirements

16 to 19 credits

Specific programs may designate or limit course options, and general education requirements in certain programs may exceed 19 credits. Always consult with an NPC academic adviser to ensure you meet ALL program/degree requirements.

Click the + to view the course recommendations within that discipline.

Discipline Studies:

Unless otherwise noted in the specific program description, select one course from the Physical and Biological Sciences and one course from either the Arts and Humanities or Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Core Program Credits

24 to 52 credits

Based on the program area you chose to study, most programs require anywhere from 24 to 52 core credits that focus on the skills specific to that area of study. See your area of study for specific requirements. Always consult an NPC academic adviser to ensure you meet ALL program/degree requirements.



Elective requirements for the AAS degrees are different for each program and a few programs do not have them. Always consult an NPC academic adviser to ensure you meet ALL program/degree requirements.

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