Redesign of Benchmarks

OVERVIEW: The NPC public website at is vital to current & potential students because it contains the only online application form, online class registration form, descriptions of the programs and classes offered, access to some NPC library services, news & announcements, emergency alerts and more. Functionality of the site has degraded over time and no major site-wide redesign has been done since 2010. The current website is built using Drupal 6 software which has reached end-of-support status for security updates.

The latest version of Drupal 8 contains many new and improved functionalities that will greatly enhance NPC's public website. The most significant improvement is the ability to make the entire website mobile friendly. The rebuild will improve NPC's page rankings in Google search results, an important factor when current and potential students are searching for colleges and programs.

Activity Time Duration Date Completed
Write and publish RFP to redesign website in Drupal 8. Select vendor and get approval for contract from NPC Board. July 2016 8/16/16
Vendor visits NPC campuses/centers to gain student/faculty/staff input about new site 3/28, 4/1-2/2017 4/1/2017
Plan needed site components and organization of new website, create content types 4/1 - on going 12/17
Build base D8 site and move all data from old D6 site into new D8 development server 7/1/16 8/21/16
Clean up and edit page content on new D8 site and create new content as needed 8/21/16 3/18
Design and implement new areas of study pages for programs 3/14/17 8/17
Create organization pages and menus for college offices and groups 8/17 1/18
Work on main hamburger site menu and sub menus 8/17 1/18
Scholarship search, jobs, directory, news, calendar of events, locations 8/17 5/18
Special landing pages: future students, noncredit, library 8/17 on going
Final layout, CSS, functionality 7/18 on going
New website launch, prep and switch from old site to new    
Use website survey tool on homepage to ask users how they like the new design and layout




% Change
Increase mobile traffic to site      
Increase key page usage      
Survey user opinion on
most important pages
Improve user satisfaction