Educational Technology Training Benchmarks

One of the 2016-2017 strategic priorities is to develop a systemic approach to educational technology training that turns frustration with classroom technology into seeing it as something that adds to teaching experience. Proposed goals include:

  1. Create a faculty mentoring program. Mentoring is a critical component of professional development for all faculty through collaboration between a mentee (a faculty member less experienced with instructional technology) and a mentor (a faculty member experienced with instructional technology). Faculty mentors can contribute significantly to the development of their mentees’ pedagogical and technological skills, leading to improved technological competency, faculty self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and collegial networking.
  2. Promote faculty participation and buy-in through multimodal trainings. Lack of faculty participation and buy-in is one of the main causes of "frustration" during the process of technology integration in the classroom. Providing multimodal trainings based on faculty's needs and developing procedures that encourage faculty participation, will help address this issue.
  3. Assess the need for an e-learning or distance education center. With increased demand for technology integration at NPC, there may be a need to create a central structure that consolidates available resources and coordinates training, resources and development, consulting, evaluation, budget and planning related to best practices in technology-enhanced learning environments for faculty and students.


  • Recruit six faculty members and train them to be technology mentors by the end of the spring '17 semester.
  • Have the six faculty members start mentoring in the fall '17 semester.
  • Multimodal trainings (video tutorials, workshops, PDF user manuals, etc.) for Learning Management Systems and audio/visual systems will be developed and ready by the end of spring '17 semester along with updated NPC Distance Education Guidelines.
  • Submit the final needs assessment report for an e-learning/distance education center to SPASC by the end of the fall '16 semester.


Benchmark Target Outcome Current Status Date Completed
Faculty mentoring Six faculty mentors start to provide mentoring In progress TBD
Multimodal training Video tutorials, workshops, user manuals for Learning Management System and audio/video are developed and delivered. NPC Distance Education Guidelines is updated.

In progress

Needs assessment for an e-learning center Final report is submitted to SPASC In progress TBD