Transportation Study Group Benchmarks

As part of NPC’s 2016-17 Strategic Plan, a study group of volunteers was formed to determine if transportation truly presents a barrier to student completion of academic programs. Over the years, the issue of student transportation has come up repeatedly at NPC convocations but past analysis had not shown it to be a significant barrier. However, NPC faculty and staff continue to raise this issue as one effecting student completion rates and in need of more comprehensive study. For this reason the college formed the 2016-17 Transportation Study Group.

OBJECTIVE: The Transportation Study Group will comprehensively evaluate the current status of and possible need for additional student transportation options throughout NPC's service area. In a final written report, the study group will:

  • Indicate if there is in fact a real transportation problem.
  • Describe the scope of the problem, if there is one. Is it a big problem? A small problem? A big problem but for a small number of students? The study group will take into account the regional/geographical scope and diversity of the student population district wide.
  • Outline the options available to the college such as: Do nothing. Do nothing at this time but re-evaluate in the future if barriers to “X” change. Form a partnership with an external entity. Operate solo.
  • Provide information on costs and benefits of each of the options given.
  • Recommend options in order the committee feels would be best for the college to pursue.
  • Complete operational plans for each recommended option using SPASC operational planning documents


Semester Benchmark Date Completed
Spring '16 Begin gathering needs assessment data from related community agencies in NPC service area. 5/15/16
Summer '16 Draft survey questions and seek input/approval from SPASC and Institutional Effectiveness. 7/18/16
Fall '16 Send transportation survey to NPC faculty and staff, currently enrolled students and non-returner student group.  
  Compile and review survey results data and report to SPASC.  
  Analyze survey results and determine if sufficient data exists to draw conclusion.  
Spring '17 Write white paper outlining recommendations and submit final report to SPASC.