CCP Reading & Writing Classes

About This Program

College and Career Preparation (CCP) offers reading and writing classes to help you improve this very important life skill.


Areas of study


  • CPC 010  Literacy I
    Introduction to beginning reading and writing to build a foundation based in everyday activities and career readiness utilizing the Laubach method.
  • CCP 020  Literacy II
    Introduction to second level of reading and writing skills utilizing Laubach method with emphasis on sight and written vocabulary. Continued use of technology as it applies to career readiness.
  • CCP 030  Literacy III
    Level three literacy skills including reading and writing words with long and short vowel patterns; diagramming parts of speech; increased reading and writing vocabulary; applying the writing process to a variety of writing products will enhance keyboard skills.

Reading and Writing Applications

  • CCP 052  Reading/Writing Applications I
    Reading and writing study and practice with integrated math application activities through career focus.
  • CCP 062  Reading/Writing Applications II
    Students are taught to comprehend complex functional, informational, and literary texts. Students are taught to apply the writing process to create a variety of analytical writing products that reflect the understanding of materials read.
  • CCP 072  Reading/Writing Applications III Science
    Strengthens the skills of reading and writing in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science in preparation for college and career success.
  • CCP 074  Reading/Writing Applications III Social Studies
    Strengthens skills and concepts in the areas of US history, civics, political systems, economics, and geography with integration of reading and writing skills in preparation for college and career success.
  • CCP 082  reading/Writing Applications IV
    Reading and writing skills are integrated with science and social studies to create proficiency in independently disseminating complex information in a variety of context areas.

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