Certificate of Applied Science (CAS)

About this certificate

The Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) focuses on employment skills to prepare you for your career in a selected field. However, rather than taking the full spectrum of general education courses required to earn the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, the CAS requires a specified minimum number of credits in your area of subject specialization and just six pre-determined units of general education. These general education credits, usually one mathematics course and one English course, provide you with the basic knowledge appropriate for the selected occupational field.

The specified number of minimum credit hours varies from 24 to 58, depending on which NPC program you select that offers the Certificate of Applied Science (CAS). Link to the areas below for futher information.

Certificate Requirements

For the the individual courses required to earn your Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in a specific program, refer to the current NPC college catalog or contact an academic adviser.

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