College Credit in High School!

Dual Enrollment & Career Training

Row of Students

Dual Enrollment

means that you will earn
credit toward your high
school graduation
requirements AND
college credit at the same time!

Chances are that your school participates and you can earn college credit while in a high school classroom. The instructors are NPC faculty-certified and teach at the college level. Many courses offered are also transferable to state universities and may also apply to an Associate Degree. Ask your high school counselor/career technician about Dual Enrollment! 

When you participate in the Dual Enrollment program you "Get Ahead" ––

  • GAIN college credit in your high school classroom
  • EARN credits toward Associate Degree programs
  • TUITION is free to all Navajo and Apache County
    high school students
  • ADJUNCT NPC faculty teach courses
  • HAVE a jump start on your college education
  • EVEN as a freshman or sophomore you may be eligible
  • ASK your school counselor what is available to you
  • DON'T be left out of this opportunity
For more information contact:

Karen Hall
High School Programs Adviser
Northland Pioneer College
Snowflake/Taylor Campus
(800) 266-7845, ext. 6272


Candy London
Dual Enrollment Specialist
Northland Pioneer College
Snowflake/Taylor Campus
(800)266-7845, ext. 6270

Current high school students interested in participating in
NPC's Dual Enrollment program, click the button below:

High school students can also apply for our College Bound Scholarships which cover tuition for up to 28 general education credits. Follow the link to learn more.

Career-Training Courses!

Northland Pioneer College partners with several area vocational high school districts, including Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology (NAVIT) to provide career-training courses. Students earn BOTH high school and community college credits. In addition to receiving specialized training in your selected career path and receiving industry certification, each program corresponds with an academic degree plan that gives you a definite edge in the real world. Whether you are university bound, planning on directly entering the workforce, or simply not sure where life will take you after you have completed NAVIT, why not take advantage of FREE tuition and earn your degree? Contact NPC's high school programs adviser  or one of NPC's academic advisers for enrollment requirements.

NPC and NAVIT support your high school success by providing you:

  • FREE tuition, books and equipment
    (estimated $1500/semester)
  • Valuable career training while
    working on a college certificate
    or degree
  • A pre-designed schedule
  • Additional evening or summertime
    courses paid for
  • Transportation
  • Career technicians at your
    high school
  • Personal academic advisers
  • A multitude of other support
    and resources

Current high school students interested in participating in
NPC's NAVIT Training program, click the button below:

NAVIT Enrollment Form


For more information on both of these programs:

Ensure that the classes you're taking apply appropriately to your degree. Visit
with NPC's High School Programs Adviser. You'll gain a better understanding about certificate and degree requirements such as what transfers as university coursework, and valuable tools to plan your own academic achievements. They are familiar with all NAVIT programs, offerings of dual enrollment courses and additional resources you may want to take advantage of. We can assist you in course selection, schedule coordination, general advice about financial aid and any challenges or concerns you may have with regard to a college education.

The High School Programs Adviser Karen Hall frequently visits area high schools and various NAVIT training sites and can meet with you individually. Contact the High School Programs Adviser Karen Hall by phone at (800) 266-7845 Ext. 6272,  or meet in person at the office on the Snowflake campus at NPC. We strongly recommend that you call ahead and make an appointment since the adviser is frequently out of the office making site visits.

You can also learn more by contacting the Dual Enrollment Operations Specialist, Candy London, (800) 266-7845 Ext. 6270 who oversees the following activities within the department:

  • Establishes and maintains communication with each area high school's Dual Enrollment contact person
  • Coordinates the selection and set up of all Dual Enrollment courses within the district
  • Schedules and is responsible for the Dual Enrollment registration process
  • Manages the distribution and collection of Inter Governmental Agreements (IGAs)


Please note: Occupational classes are accepted for credit at all state community colleges. Academic courses are accepted for credit by all state university AND community colleges.