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Telephone: 1-800-266-7845
and ask for the following extensions:
Admissions 6271     Financial Aid & Scholarships 7318
Academic Advising
(click link above for list of extensions by location)
- - -     Records and Registration
(enrollment, transcripts, letters of admission)
Business Office (payment questions) 7480     Special Interest Classes (noncredit) 6244
Career & Alumni Services (including job placement) 6246     Training for Small Business and Industry 6239
Community Education 6244     Performing Arts Center Box Office 6250
Disability Resource and Access 6178     NPC Friends & Family (gifts to the college) 6245
Technical Support Center 7447

    Postal Mail:

    All Locations: Northland Pioneer College, P.O. Box 610, Holbrook AZ 86025-0610


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