DRA Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should a student meet with the DRA Office?

Typically, a student should meet with the DRA Office each semester or whenever a change is made to their classes in which they are receiving academic accommodations.

What documentation is considered "disability documentation"?

Disability documentation is any document that includes your diagnosis and current limitations. If your disability changes over time such as a learning disability then you will need to have documentation that is less than 3 years old.

What if an instructor believes that one of their students has a disability?

The instructor can inform the student about the Disability Resource & Access Office. It is up to the student to decide if they want to utilize any academic accommodations. The instructor cannot provide any accommodations until they receive an accommodation contract from the DRA Office.

Is it okay for a student with a disability to not utilize DRA Services?

Yes. The student has the right to choose whether or not to use academic accommodations, but they must meet the same expectations as any other student.

Do DRA Accommodation Contracts cover every class for the length of the time the student attends NPC?

No. The accommodation contracts are only valid from the date they are written to the end of the semester for that one class. Students need to meet with the DRA Coordinator each time their classes or their accommodation needs change.

Still have questions? Contact:

Sandy Manor
Disabilities Resource & Access Coordinator

White Mountain Campus - LC 126
1-800-266-7845, ext. 6178
Fax: (928) 532-6199
Send her an email.