Disability Resource & Access Service Information

image of blind hiker being assisted by sight guide
This image is of a hiker who is blind that with the help of his sight guide,
hiked to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon in October 2010.  The hiker
had to trust that his sight guide would keep him on the trail.  The
accomplishment was all his, but the trust in his sight guide was as essential
as sturdy hiking boots.  These guidelines, provided in the links below, are
our way of providing accurate service information so that you can trust that
your services at NPC embrace both the spirit and the letter of disability law
in higher education.

Each link provides information and guidelines regarding DRA services. 

For more information contact:

Sandy Manor
Disabilities Resource & Access Coordinator

White Mountain Campus - LC 126
1-800-266-7845, ext. 6178
Fax: (928) 532-6199
Send her an e-mail.