Convert DVD to AVI Request Form

For Use by Northland Pioneer College Faculty Only

  • The DVD to AVI Conversion process is designed to allow faculty to show their students an AVI version of an NPC Library-owned DVD in the Audio or Model classrooms, since DVDs in their native format will not play correctly in those rooms.

  • A faculty member is limited to two (2) DVD to AVI Conversion requests per month.

  • Always verify with a librarian that the requested DVD has not already been converted to AVI before completing this form.

  • All requests for conversion to AVI must be received by the library no less than ten (10) working days prior to the first date of showing.

  • You must enter data in all of the *REQUIRED FIELDS * before submitting the form. If the Confirmation page does not display, review your entries, especially in fields highlighted in RED.

Once the conversion process has been completed, the AVI/thumb-drive will be placed on hold for you and you will be contacted.
Statement of Responsibility

Duplication of the AVI file(s) is a violation of copyright and is prohibited by law. By checking out the AVI/thumb-drive faculty assumes full responsibility for the lawful use of this video and agrees to ensure that the video is not copied.

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Enter your first and last name. You must be an NPC Faculty Member.

Enter the number from your NPC Library Card.

Enter the full 10-digit phone number (928) xxx-xxxx where the library staff can contact you when the conversion is available.

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Enter your email address for the library to contact you when the conversion is available.

Provide the complete title of the DVD.

List the Library's Call Number for the DVD to be converted.

The DVD is in the collection at which NPC library?

NPC location where you'll pickup/check-out the AVI/thumb-drive.

Viewing Information

Please provide the Course Name(s) and Number(s), and Dates and Times the AVI video will be shown. If showing to more than one class, click the triangle to open and enter information for Showings #2 and #3.

Showing #1

Enter the Course Name and Number, Showing Date and Class Start Time. YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL FIELDS IN SHOWING #1 TO SUBMIT THIS REQUEST.

List the Course Name and Number

Select the date (at least 10 WORKING days in advance) for the first showing of the AVI video.

Enter the time the class begins

Missing Data?

You must enter data in all of the * Required Fields * before the form will be submitted. A successful submission produces a Confirmation Page, showing what you submitted on the form. You will also receive a copy at the email address entered on this form.

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