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Federal Work Study opportunities at NPC

The primary mission of the Federal Work Study program is to:

  1. Help students who need employment income and who can benefit from the work experience.
  2. Assist the student in developing good work habits in preparation for entering the workforce.
  3. Provide valuable employment opportunities.
  4. The job should attempt to reflect the educational or vocational goals of the student.

STUDENTS: to be eligible for NPC's Federal Work Study program you must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have a completed file at the NPC Financial Aid Office.

If you have any questions about your eligibility please contact the NPC Financial Aid Office at (928) 524-7318.

STUDENTS - Latest Job Postings Listed Below:

Please click here to view the latest job postings for Federal Work Study.

We would like to recognize our Outstanding Federal Work Study Student Nominees for their excellent workNominees were selected based on the following criteria: Knowledge and Skills, Quality of Work, Reliability, Expectations Exceeded, and Contribution to NPC.

Stephanie Goodman, WMC

Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable in the area assigned to her.  She has wonderful people skills and is very personable.  She is very accurate and efficient in the work she is assigned.  She can always be counted on to complete her tasks, be and do what is required of her.  Stephanie goes above and beyond as a work study.  She takes pride in what she does and always goes the extra mile to accomplish what she is given.  She is an asset to the NPC WMC library.  Would be a wonderful addition to NPC in the future when she completes her studies.

Stephanie has proven to be a valuable asset to our library.  She learns quickly, is very personable, and does not hesitate to help co-workers or patrons.  Stephanie finished all training modules and quizzes in 5 work days and received excellent grades.  She shows confidence, intelligence and good judgment in performing duties.  Stephanie excels in quality of work.  She uses the procedure manual for guidance with uncommon tasks.  She is very accurate in her duties.  She has confidence in her abilities and asks questions when needed.  Stephanie has not missed any scheduled work days.  She is prompt and reliable.  She also can be relied upon to be the first to offer assistance to patrons.  Stephanie has exceeded our expectations in every area of her work.  She is a great help to the staff.  Her confidence, intelligence and good judgment have made it possible for the two full time staff members to rely on her abilities to assist in any duties required.  She works quickly and accurately with minimal supervision. Stephanie has allowed the WMC Library to run more smoothly and efficiently.  We are able to assist our patrons (students, staff and community members) with greater speed and care.

Michelle Maciszewski, SCC

I had the pleasure of having Michelle as a student before she worked for me.  In the classroom, she is an ideal student.  As someone who works for me, I am continually impressed.  Specifically, I am having Michelle do a lot of research (for courses I'm teaching and for committees I serve on) and she is not only efficient, but more importantly, she brings the same care to doing research for me that she would were she working on one of her essays.  Michelle's quality of work is outstanding.  I've had several solid work study students before, but Michelle stands heads and shoulders above the rest.  She is precise, pays meticulous attention to details, and seems to genuinely enjoy what she does.  She is punctual and I've asked her to juggle several semester long projects and she's handled everything with grace and ease.  Michelle absolutely exceeded expectations without a doubt!!  Michelle also serves on SGA and is a stellar student.  Were I able to have more students like Michelle who are engaged, responsible and who continually demonstrated strong leadership abilities…

Christina Scott-Ford, PDC

Christina possesses a comprehensive knowledge of all library functions assigned to a FWS worker, and she has taken it upon herself to go beyond the requirements of an FWS worker by pitching in to learn many of the responsibilities of regular library staff members as well.  Christina does excellent, fast work with a minimum of mistakes.  In the 1.5 years that she has been with us she has really perfected her skill-level at performing all of her job functions.  Christina is very dependable (which is crucial to our department due to our minimal staffing).  She never misses her scheduled work shift, and she has always been willing to change her schedule to accommodate departmental needs as they arise.  Additionally, we have the utmost confidence in her work, and we can rely on her doing the job correctly the first time.  By taking it upon herself to learn more than only those requirements of her job, Christina has been able to excel at problem-solving and troubleshooting for our students, faculty, and community members when situations occur that are out of the ordinary.   Christina is highly active in NPC student/community life.  She is a member of the Eagle Club, the All-Arizona Academic Team and Phi Theta Kappa.  She appeared on the cover of the Spring 2014 college schedule.  Through her involvements in NPC activities she has become something of a role-model for other students.   She also has frequently recommended to both interested students and non-students that they meet with an NPC advisor or faculty member in order to get guidance regarding their educational and career interests.  More than once, this has resulted in individuals signing up for NPC classes and taking the initial steps toward fulfilling their goals in life.  Christina has become an indispensable part of the library team and the NPC student body.



Contact Jennifer DoBell, Sr. Financial Aid Specialist at (928) 524-7421 or by email.

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