Late Registration Fee

Late Registration Fee – Students registering for classes on or after the first day of the semester will be charged a $25 Late Registration Fee, which is non-refundable. Short-term classes will also have a late fee assessed if registering on or after the start date of the class.

This Late fee must be paid upfront until a Petition to Waive Late Registration Fee is either approved or denied. The late fee waiver will not be approved or denied via phone call or email.

Exceptions: There are a few exceptions in which the Late Registration Fee will not be applied. Students who meet the following criteria will not be assessed a Late Registration Fee during any point of the semester:

  1. Registering only for ECD (1.0 or 2.0 credit hours), COS, or POS courses.
  2. Registering only for noncredit courses.
  3. Registration is to replace a canceled class.
  4. Registration if the student is exchanging one previous course registration for another.
  5. Registering only for dual enrollment courses.

Petition to Waive Late Registration Fee

Northland Pioneer College's Director of Enrollment Services reserves the right to extend the registration period or waive the Late Registration Fee if circumstances reasonably beyond the control of the student caused the student to be unable to finalize their schedule. All waiver requests must be timely and not more than 10 business days after the start of the class. Documentation to support the student's claim is required.


  1. The late registration was the result of an institutional error; or
  2. A student was actively engaged in Military Service, Firefighting, Law Enforcement, or other similar public service duties during the registration period and such duties precluded registration; or
  3. An unusual circumstance beyond the control of the student caused the student to be unable to finalize registration before the first day of class. (Additional Documentation should be provided, i.e. supporting documentation of the circumstance, etc.)
  1. The Petition to Waive Late Registration Fee (PDF) is completed by the student.
  2. The form will include (but is not limited to) an explanation for the request and the name of the person requesting the waiver, as well as the student's name and identification number.
  3. Waivers may be issued when:
  4. The completed Petition to Waive Late Registration Fee form may be turned in at a campus/center front office, sent via intercampus mail to the Records and Registration Office in Holbrook, or sent via email to the Records and Registration Office.
  5. Director of Enrollment Services will review Petition and accompanying documents. A decision will be made to approve or deny the student's petition based upon the facts presented.
  6. If approved, the Business Office will waive the Late Registration Fee by crediting the petitioning student's account.
  7. The approval form and related documents will be filed in Business Office. A copy will be kept in the Records & Registration Office and a denial/approval letter will be sent to the student.