Network & PC Support (A+ N+ Certification Prep)

Why Choose NPC's Network & PC Support (A+ N+ Certification Prep)?

If you are interested in information technology as a career, A+,  Network+ and Security + certifications could be foundational to your success. NPC offers a series of courses that focus on the information needed to pass the CompTIA examinations. In addition, the program provides you the opportunity of gaining the equivalent knowledge of the recommended 500 hours of hands-on experience. Let NPC's own CompTIA-certified instructors carefully guide you through the topics covered by the  A+ Essentials, A+ Practical Application, Network + and Security + examinations.

About Our Program

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Northland Pioneer College has enhanced its Network and PC Support program to now offer an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, a Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) and a Certificate of Proficiency (CP) that helps you prepare for the national CompTIA certification examinations (A+ test part 1 & 2,  N+ and S+). The program starts with the computer basics you need, CIS 105 Computer Applications and Information Technology, a three-credit-hour course (available as an on-site or online course) covering computer business information systems and applications with an emphasis on database and spreadsheet packages.

Cap your studies with a three-credit internship to help you with the CompTIA recommended 500 hours of hands-on experience in the lab or field. You gain knowledge and experience working with IT professionals at the college or other participating businesses.

Degree/Certificate Options

Included in the 18 credits required for the Certificate of Proficiency are:

CIS 141 & 142, Managing and Maintaining Your PC (A+) I & II, where NPC's own CompTIA-certified instructors guide you through the necessary competencies for the two A+ exams. CIS 141 addresses IRQs, direct memory access and practical computer repair including the basics of installing and repairing hard drives, modems, network cards, CPUs, power supplies, PDAs and printers. CIS 142 is geared toward the CompTIA Practical Application exam and focuses on the uses of current software and operating system interfaces and features. In both courses, instructional emphasis is on hands-on practice of the essential knowledge needed for the entry-level information technology professional.

CIS 145 Network+ Certification Preparation offers an overview of networking and skills application using both traditional and hands-on lab methods to prepare students to pass the CompTIA Network + exam.

Plus courses on Microsoft Office fundamentals and Help Desk Soft Skills.

The 45-credit Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) builds on the skills learned for the Certificate of Proficiency, adding Security + examination preparation, applied and wireless networking, an introduction to programming, the GNU Linux operating system or webserver administration, system analysis and design and an internship. There are also six credits of general education courses in English and mathematics.

The 64-credit Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree adds 10 more credits of general education courses and 9 elective credits to explore other areas within Computer Information Systems.

Career Opportunities

Computer systems and networks are continually being developed and enhanced, making Information Technology a field of almost limitless opportunity. CompTIA A+, Network + and Security + certifications can open many career doors and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, North Arizona Nonmetropolitan area entry-level salaries average $36,480 for certified IT support techs (May 2015, SOC 15.1151) and $49,410 for network + certified support technicians. (May 2015, SOC 15.1152)

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Online Course Options

CIS 105 (SUN # CIS 1120) Computer Applications and Information Technology is a prerequisite for most CIS courses, degrees and certificates.

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