Audio, Model & Video Classrooms

Delivery of Materials to Classroom:
  • Use special envelopes obtained from any Northland Pioneer College library. These envelopes are used only for delivery of materials to audio and video classrooms:
    1. Audio Room - solid blue
    2. Video One - solid red
    3. Video Two - white with red border
    4. Model Classroom - green
  • Address the envelope using sample below (regardless of envelope pre-printed layout) NPC and site name, course #, day and time of class i.e. NPC @ PDC, POS 110 Mon and Wed 9am
  • Be aware of courier delivery schedule to ensure materials arrive on time. Campus and center offices have delivery schedule.
  • Avoid using scan to library email except for emergencies. A cover sheet must indicate how many copies need to be placed in which room and for which specific class.
    Materials are received at the library, logged in, and immediately placed in folders within the audio or video room.
  • Photocopies must have required copyright statement and bibliographic information or they will be returned to the instructor. If Printing and Duplicating Services were not used, instructors are responsible for providing the required copyright statement.
Problems with equipment while teaching
  • Use the equipment guides in class rooms.
  • Instructors may choose to have an assignment on file at the libraries for students to continue class time. If you need a sign-in sheet please specify on the assignment direction sheet sent to the library.
  • Prevent problems - take training class at the beginning of the semester.
Classroom folders - student use:
  • Instruct students to look in folders for classroom materials.
  • Advise students to keep folders in alphabetical order to facilitate use.
  • Advise students to leave folders in classroom.
Student sending assignment to instructors:
  • Advise students to take their assignments to the library.
  • Material will be date & time stamped, logged in and put in the courier.
  • Be sure your students know the campus or center where you will pickup your mail.
Testing for audio, video or model classes:
  • Tests taken in the libraries should be sent in the brown courier envelope using the college testing procedure.
  • Take home tests to be taken in the audio, video or model classroom should be placed in the colored envelope for delivery to that classroom.
  • Tests being monitored by the instructor within the audio, video or model classroom should follow the college testing procedure and request storage in the library. Please fill out the line of which student will pick up the test. Library staff will not deliver tests to a classroom at a specific time.
Returning graded work to students:
  • If the student can keep the graded work, send each student's work in brown courier envelope to the student's campus or center office indicating: student name, "Student Mail", location: i.e. Sally Smith, Student Mail, NPC @ LCC
  • If the student may only review the work and return it to you, send the work in brown courier envelope to the library with directions, i.e. SOC 225 for student review, Return to Lilly Lupe, Faculty WMC by Feb 20, 2016. Be sure students know they must show their NPC student identification card to look at their work.
Students viewing grades:
  • Instructors may send a list of grades for students. List should include at least NPC student ID number (may also include student's name), course #, name of test, how long to keep the list, if list should be returned or shredded.
  • Place list in secured envelope with instructions attached or enclosed.
  • Library staff will either use a template to show a student their grade or will write the grade on a piece of paper and give to the student.
  • FERPA applies and students may not view the entire list. Students must present their NPC student ID or photo ID. Obviously if the list of grades is arranged by ID number, please tell students to bring their NPC ID card.

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