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Reserve materials are considered an extension of the classroom. The NPC Library will place material requested by NPC faculty on reserve under the following conditions:

  1. All materials are restricted to educational use by students enrolled in the course or for staff training.
  2. Reserve Request Form must accompany the item. Obtain the Form from any NPC library or Faculty/Associate Faculty Handbook or download Reserve Request Form. (PDF)
  3. Forms and materials must be sent to PDC Library for processing.
  4. PDC Library will distribute items and directions to appropriate locations. Allow 3 days.
  5. Copyright notice and complete bibliographic citation must appear on each item.
  6. Faculty or the library must own the item placed on reserve.
  7. Library assumes no liability for faculty owned items.
  8. Please limit the number of reserve items for a course to a "reasonable" amount.
  9. Access is removed at the end of the semester unless faculty has obtained written permission to retain digitized material or use material longer than one semester.
Allowed - Fair use guidelines apply:
  1. Access to digital copies require authentication, i.e. database password or WebCT password.
  2. Links to articles in licensed databases may be added to WebCT or faculty pages, etc.
  3. Print version of any copyrighted material to be copied or scanned must be lawfully acquired. Follow the guidelines under Print.
  4. Single copy of a sound recording of copyrighted music made from a recording owned by faculty for use as aural exercise or examination.
  5. Single copy of a sound or video recording produced by faculty or student and containing no copyrighted material.
  6. Restrictions apply to audio, video, graphic items. See links below...
  7. One copy of each title may be placed at each library if students are enrolled in the class at that location.
  8. Scanned items will be placed on the library Web page. Allow 3 weeks advance notice.
  9. If textbooks have been ordered, but not yet arrived, the first couple of chapters can be photocopied and placed on Reserve. The chapters should include a copy of the text cover page.

If you anticipate your students will need to use CD-ROMs that come with textbooks, please inform the library so that provisions are made on the computers. Students are not allowed to install software. Multi-part forms are available at any NPC library.

  1. Items that students would otherwise be required to purchase, i.e. textbooks, course packs, consumables, i.e. worksheets, etc.
  2. Any "fair use" item on reserve previous semesters that does not have proper copyright permission.
  3. Unauthorized copies of copyrighted items.
  4. "Off-air" video recordings.
Copyright Permission Required:
  1. For any item used longer than one semester.
  2. For any item not meeting Fair Use guidelines, i.e. amount of the work, etc.
  3. Copyright permission for items on reserve must be on file with the Head Librarian.

Fair Use for Reserve Room Operations from Georgia Harper, University of Texas
Fair Use in the Electronic Age from American Research Libraries
Applying Fair Use in the Development of Electronic Reserves from American Research Libraries
Statement on the Digital Transmission of Audio Reserves from Music Library Association (the article has been moved - you'll need to use Search function)

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