Articulated Credit Policy (Tech Prep)

Credit may be awarded in some instances for course/ competency work satisfactorily completed by students while enrolled in a high school with which Northland has a course articulation agreement. A list of courses for each participating high school in Northland's service area for which from Northland may award credit may be obtained the respective high school's counselors or the local NPC academic advisers. Interested high school students should ask their high school instructor to begin competency card checkoffs for them as they work through the articulated high school course(s). The checkoff card remains with the high school as the student completes the competencies and for three (3) years after high school graduation. If all listed competencies for a NPC courses are satisfactorily completed prior to high school graduation, the student is eligible for Northland credit. Students must enroll at Northland prior to credits being posted to a Northland transcript.

To initiate the use of such eligible credits at Northland and their posting to a Northland transcript, students must pick up a Student Request for Transfer of Articulated Credit Records to Northland form from their high school counselor or local NPC academic adviser, complete the student portion of the form, and submit it to their high school. The student must attend Northland within three (3) subsequent school years of graduation from the participating high school in order for credits obtained by articulation to be recorded on the student's Northland transcript. The student should initiate a request for the actual transcripting of his/her articulated credit immediately after this requirement is met. When the required competency documentation is transferred to Northland by the high school, and other conditions above have been met, the credits will be posted to the student's Northland transcript.

These credits will be recognized, if appropriate, as part of the total credits required for the Northland program, certificate, or degree sought.

College credits for articulated course/competency work are limited to a maximum of nine (9) semester hours for a certificate program and eighteen (18) semester hours for an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of General Studies program. Credits awarded through articulation agreements are not used in computing the student's subsequent grade point average at Northland.

The acceptance of such articulated credits upon transfer to other post-secondary institutions may be treated differently by the receiving institution. Students desiring to use these credits at other post-secondary institutions are advised to check the policies of the specific institution.