Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Checksheets

2008-09 Catalog

Students and academic advisers utilize the degree and certificate checksheets to determine which courses are required to complete the course of study. Each is based on the current year's catalog. Students should review their progress and check for possible updates with their adviser prior to the start of each semester.

Administrative Information Services (AIS) - Five areas of specialization

Agriculture (AGR) - Two areas of specialization

Automotive Technology (ATO)

(BUS) - Five areas of specialization

Computer Information Systems (CIS) - Three areas of specialization

Computer Technology (CTP) Five areas of specialization

Construction Technology (BOC) - Four areas of specialization

Cosmetology (COS)

Early Childhood Management
(ECD) - Five areas of specialization

Education (EDU)

Electronics Technology (ELC)

Emergency Medical Technology

Fire Science

Heavy Equipment Operations

Heritage Preservation Program (HPP) - Three areas of specialization

Hospitality (HOS)

Human Services (HUS)

Industrial Maintenance & Operations (IMO)

Industrial Technology (ITP)

Library Media Technology

Medical Assistant

(NUR) [Practical]

Photography Technician

Therapeutic Massage Program

Tribal Court Advocacy