Performance Photos

The Spring 2017 production was Sophie Treadwell's MachinalBelow the Young Woman (Cassie Spaulding) deals with the hospital staff portrayed by Sam Whitmire, Miracle Bumgarner and Andre McIntire.

Below the "Domestic" scene with Cassie Spaulding and Chandon Fish (Husband).  Our expressionistic set was created by the St. Johns Welding class with the set design by Welding Faculty member Frank Pinnell.  Lighting Design by Patrick Day.

Machinal also incorporated filmed scenes by NPC Film Faculty member Mark Ford and his video and audio students.  Below is the "Courtroom" scene where the Young Woman (Cassie Spaulding) stands trial for murder.  The projected image of the jury is on the screen behind her as portrayed by the ensemble.  The masked Baliff is portrayed by Ashley Nudson.

The Fall 2016 Dinner Theatre production was The Spiral Staircase.  In the opening scene (pictured above) another murder is reported to the mute Helen (KayBree Raisor), while the Nurse (Brandi Perkins) listens to the conversation between the Constable (Josh Raisor) and Professor Warren (David Messer).

In this scene (above) Mrs. Oates (Charlotte Skousen) shares unsettling past events with Helen (Cassie Spaulding).  Set Design by Dr. Mike Solomonson.

In the scene (above) Mrs. Warren (Kysee Weatherford) warns Helen (KayBree Raisor) of danger in the house.  The scene featured a scrim wall which revealed the scene behind it.  Lighting Design by Patrick Day.

(Top Photo) Shannon Green and Holly Whitmire.  (Bottom Photo) Breanna Jakary and Kara Hunt in scenes from W. Somerset Maugham's The Constant Wife, which was performed in the Drama Lab in April 2016.  Directed by Dr. Mike Solomonson with Lighting Design by Patrick Day.


A scene in the Admiral Benbow Inn from Ken Ludwig's adaptation of Treasure Island directed by Dr. Mike Solomonson and Lighting Design by Patrick Day.  The swashbuckling adventure was performed as part of the college's annual Dinner Theatre production in November 2015.

The cast of Women In Congress, directed by Lisa Jayne, Artistic Director of the White Mountain Regional Theater.  April 2015.  T

Nora (Holly Whitmire) greets Eugene (Logan Kempfer) with a kiss in Brighton Beach Memoirs,  November 2014.

Blanche (Cassidy Cammarota) reacts to a comment from her sister Kate (Alexis Marquez) in Neil Simon's comedy.

Dinner Theatre set-up for the Fall 2014 production of Brighton Beach Memoirs.  Stage direction,set & lighting design by Dr. Mike Solomonson.

Lord Darlington (Matthew Bennett) confesses his secret love for Lady Windermere (Jasmine Romero) in Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan, which was the Spring 2014 production directed by Dr. Mike Solomonson, with production design by Debra Fisher.

The cast of Lady Windermere's Fan.  First row (l to r) Star Pichnarcik (Lord Augustus Lorton), Skai Wahl (Duchess of Berwick), Jackson Kittrell (Lord Windermere), Jasmine Romero (Lady Windermere), Destiny Sutter (Lady Agatha Carlisle), Mary Alice Walsh (Lady Jedburgh).  Second row (l to r) Mike Solomonson (Cecil Graham), Michael Shriver (Mr. Dumby), Mason Miles (Guy Buckley), Joshua Wilson (Sir James Royston), Lizzy Bennett (Lady Stutfield), Cassidy Cammarota (Lady Plymdale), Breeanna Wahl (Miss Graham), Jennie Armer (Lady Paisley), Jesse Stephens (Mrs. Cowper-Cowper), Ashley Nudson (Mrs. Erlynne), Matthew Bennett (Lord Darlington), Logan Kempfer (Mr. Hopper), Jacob Shriver (Parker), and Holly Whitmire (Rosalie).


NPC and the White Mountain Regional Theater remounted a production of Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol for December 2013.  In the photo above, cast members Kyle Nowell, Dustin Benavides, and Lisa Jayne perform a scene from the play.  The production was directed by Alex Brown.

The Drowsy Chaperone featured the arrival of an airplane on stage.  To solve this 'spectacle' moment, the kitchen island became the body of the plane and the refrigerator doors became the plane's wings in Debra Fisher's innovative set design.  Trix the Aviatrix played by Maranda Blake makes her entrance in the photo above.

The Drowsy Chaperone was the November 2013 Dinner Theatre production.  In the photo above, Katie Nashio as the title character accepts the applause of the audience as Ashley Nudson who portrayed Janet Van De Graaff looks on.



Lisa Jayne's original script Coeur d'Alene was performed in September 2013.  The play was based on events that occurred in the late 1990s when a White Supremacist group applied for a parade permit in the town.  Former Mayor Steve Judy participated in talk-back sessions with the audience after each of the opening weekend performances.  In photos above (left) Steve Judy portrayed by Kyle Nowell consults with a Rabbi played by Barry Richins.  In photo (right), Mike Solomonson portrays the leader of the Aryan Nations, Rev. Thomas Metzler.

Songs For a New World was produced in April 2013, in the Drama Lab space.  Performing in the musical were (on lower level) Jesse Reeck and Alex Brown, and (on upper level) Kamery Solomon and Steve Busch.  The production was directed by Julie Neish.

The Spring 2013 play production Leaving Iowa: The Comedy About Family Vacations featured an ensemble cast headed up by the family played by Katie Evans (Mom), Terry McConville (Dad), Madison St. Hilaire (Sis), and Don (Michael Staley).

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, a joint production between NPC and the White Mountain Regional Theater was produced in December 2012.  Pictured above are Randy Rice (Marley), Tabitha Stickel (Record Keeper), and Elinor Henderson (Bogle).  The production was directed by Lisa Jayne.

Jesse Reeck as Aida and the Nubian Chorus perform "The Gods Love Nubia" from the musical Aida which was performed November 2012.  A scene from the musical was subsequently invited to perform at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Los Angeles in February 2013.  Costume and set design by Debra Fisher, vocal direction by Julie Neish, and stage direction by Dr. Mike Solomonson.

Edges, a modern song cycle by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, which explored issues faced by young adults was performed in April 2012 in the Drama Lab with a cast that included (standing, left to right) Jeffrey Fink, Sherawn DeWitt, Kathleen Evans, Francisco Bravo, Kamery Solomon.  (seated, left to right) Laney Rhineheart, Randy Rice, Dustin Benavides, and Malori Saline.  The production was directed by Julie Neish, with a pit band consisting of Joe Bushman (Drums) and Julie Neish (Piano).  The show was stage managed by Ariel Roes.

Gertrude (Lisa Jayne) and Versati (Dustin Benavides) admire the fabric for a pair of panties in Steve Martin's adaptation of Carl Sternheim's farce The Underpants, which was performed for a Valentines Dinner Theatre in 2012.

The Underpants was directed by Dr. Mike Solomonson with a steampunk inspired set and costume design by Debra Fisher.  Lighting design by Julie Neish.  The cast included from (left to right, first row) Dustin Benavides (Versati), Michael Staley (Cohen), Randy Rice (Theo), Elinor Henderson (Louise), Lisa Jayne (Gertrude).  Top row, Donnie Pansulla (Klinglehoff) and Jeffrey Fink (King). 

The Fall 2011 Mainstage musical and dinner theatre was Grease.  In the picture above some members of the cast perform the number Shakin' at the High School Hop.  In the foreground are Laney Rhineheart (Frenchy) and Randy Rice (Doody).   Behind them at floor level are Haylee Bucey (Rizzo), Jeffrey Fink (Danny) and Holly Hatch (Miss Lynch).  On the platform beginning on the left is Ethan Jackson (Vince), Kathleen Evans (Marty), Joshua Heath (Sonny), Malori Saline (Patty), and Matthew Bennett (Eugene).

The Spring 2011 Mainstage play and Dinner Theatre production was Becky's New Car by Steven Dietz.  Becky (Katie Brown) sits in her living room reacting towards her disappointed family and friends that include her husband Joe (Josh Heath), Ginger (Erika Garcia) and Steve (Randy Rice).  The play was directed by Dr. Mike Solomonson, production design by Debra Fisher, and stage managed by Sean Grant.


The Fall 2010 Mainstage Dinner Theatre production was Agatha Christie's And Then There Were NoneThe cast and crew of this murder mystery included (on couch) Gabriel Sierra (Blore), Kali Simpson (Vera), Jeffrey Fink (Lombard), Davylynn Dennison (Emily), Star Pichnarcik (Rogers), Jessica Davis (Director), and (Standing) Sherawn Puhlman (Stage Manager), Danny Dailey (Marston), Mike Shriver (MacKenzie), Sean Grant (Dr. Armstrong), Joshua Heath (Wargrave), Heather Beaman (Mrs. Rogers), and Shawn Rodrigue (Narracott).

Our Fall 2010 Drama Lab Dinner Theatre production was Molly Newman's Shooting Stars which was about a traveling women's basketball team in 1962.  In the picture above is the cast of Shooting Stars which featured (kneeling) Chelsea Davis (Birdie), Laney Rhineheart (Tammy), Kelci Fuller (Shelby), and (standing) Tara Anderson (Charlene), Arona Spader (Gay), Ben Davis (Cassius), Elizabeth Toth (Wilma), and Keighty Robinson (Butch).

In June 2010, NPC hosted its fifth straight Children's Theatre Project which taught children ages 8-14, about different aspects of theatre, including acting, singing, dancing, makeup and technical theatre skills.  50 students were enrolled in the camp and we presented 101 DalmatiansIn the photo above left, Cruella, Horace and Jasper perform My Beautiful Coat.  In the photo, above right, the cast sings the curtain call song Bow Wows.  (Photos by Everett Robinson).

In April 2010, NPC offered its first-ever 10-Minute Play Festival which was a student-driven effort made up of original plays written by NPC playwriting students.  The plays were also directed and acted by NPC students with student technical support.  Plays were written by Jennifer Basaldua, Alex Brown, Wade Crossman, Yevonna Fish, Adrian Leon, and Lisa Whealy.  Below are some selected photos from the festival. (Festival photos by Everett Robinson)

Super-salesman Ricky (Adrian Leon) argues with Yvonne Tsu (Alyssa Vital) in Wade Crossman's play Have a Nice Day, directed by Stephen Mehr.

(from up left) Karen (Erin Galbreath), Margo (Kathleen Evans) and Bunny (Mercedes Wilson) plot their evening's violent entertainment in Alex Brown's Dogs, directed by Jerry Steel.


In photo left, Zoey (Jessica Davis) stresses out when the "fourth wall" is broken in Adrian Leon's Curtain Up, directed by Heather Beaman.  Monologues were also performed between plays by Intermediate Acting students.  In photo right, Debbie Staugaard performs her monologue set.

Our February 2010 Valentines Dinner Theatre production was Thornton Wilder and Ken Ludwig's adaptation of The Beaux' Stratagem by George Farquhar, directed by Dr. Mike Solomonson.  In this photo the characters of Scrub (Barry Richins), Foigard (Terry McConville), Sir Charles Freeman (Sam McDowell), Jack Archer (Jher Anderson), Tom Aimwell (Greg Hudson), Dorinda (Kelci Fuller), [back row] Cherry (Alyssa Vital) and Lady Bountiful (Heather Beaman) listen to the marital problems of the Sullens.

Amahl and the Night Visitors

In December 2009, NPC's Performing Arts Department produced the children's opera Amahl and the Night Visitors, utilizing the talents of the Northland Master Chorale, White Mountain Symphony Orchestra and the Mountain Dream Dance Company. Amahl's mother (Cherice Graham) seeks forgiveness from The Page (Adrian Leon), Kaspar (Samuel McDowell), Balthazar (William Sullivan) and Melchoir (Gregory Hudson). PAC Technician Debra Fisher designed the set and lighting for the two-performance event, which was combined with holiday concerts for the Master Chorale and Symphony. For more photos, visit the photo gallery.

In November 2009, NPC produced Doubt: A Parable, the Pulitzer prize-winning play by John Patrick Shanley in our Drama Lab Theatre.  (Top picture) Father Flynn (Alex Brown) delivers a sermon from the pulpit.  (Above) Sister Aloysius (Ginny Handorf) critiques the teaching style of Sister James (Haylee Bucey).  The production was directed by Lisa Jayne, and set design by Debra Fisher.

The November 2009 mainstage production was the family musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  Above, Linus (Wade Crossman) startles Lucy (Samantha Berry) and Patty (Tara Anderson).  The production was directed by Julie Anna Holtan and stage managed by Brittan Pyper.

measure for measure

In April 2009, a futuristic production of Shakespeare's Measure For Measure was performed. The play made use of video and multimedia projections, and examined a society that was increasingly concerned with limiting sexual excesses. In the photo above, Claudio (Sam McDowell) pleads for help from Lucio (Dustin Benavides), while the Provost (Kayla Davis), and the paparazzi look on.

The Telephone

NPC offered a Valentine's Dessert Theatre in February 2009. An operetta The Telephone was offered under the direction of Music Professor Julie Anna Holtan. The cast of the show included (seated) male customer (Joseph Boone), female customer (Megan Crossley), and (standing) Lucy (Cherice Graham), Bartender (Nathan Brill), Piano Man (Greg Hudson), Waitress (Jessica Davis), and Ben (Stephen Mehr).

scene from 1776

1776 was performed on the Main Stage as one of our Fall 2008 Dinner Theatre shows. Pictured above is a shot of the members of the Continental Congress interacting with each other during an early technical theatre rehearsal.

John Adams and Martha Jefferson

John Adams (Troy Eagar) listens to Martha Jefferson (Samantha Berry) as she prepares to sing about her husband in He Plays the Violin.

As It Is In Heaven

NPC student Alex Brown successfully directed the drama As It Is In Heaven in November 2008. The play dealt with Shakers, a religious community prominent in the 19th-century. In the picture above, the Shaker women enjoy a picnic. Pictured from left to right are Rachel (Lorie Williams), Fanny (Ashleigh Palmer), Polly (Ileva Fa'apoi), Izzy (Shay Hancock), Phebe (Chelsea McNeil), and Betsy (Kathleen Evans).

Hannah and Fanny

Hannah (Heather Beaman) interrogates Fanny (Ashleigh Palmer) about whether she really saw angels in the meadow in Arlene Hutton's As It Is In Heaven. The play was performed in-the-round in the Drama Lab, and was offered as a Dinner Theatre performance.

Original play Broken

In early fall 2008, NPC produced the world premiere of Broken. The play, written by NPC adjunct Theatre Instructor Lisa Jayne, dealt with a mother's revenge on a pedophile who murdered her daughter. Pictured above are Donovan Stole and Lisa Jayne, who portrayed the lead characters. The production was directed by Stephen Mehr.


Alex (Dallin McClellan), Grace (Chelsea McNeil) and Walter (Alex Brown) try to sort through a misunderstanding in the 1970s throw-back comedy Saving Grace, directed by Lisa Jayne for the February 2008 Valentine's Dinner Theatre series.


Henry Kissinger (Alex Brown) contemplates a proposal made by President Richard Nixon (Dr. Mike Solomonson) in the April 2008 production of Nixon's Nixon, directed by Breana Holladay.

Lovers and Executioners

Our Fall 2007 Main Stage Dinner Theatre production was John Strand's Lovers and Executioners. In the scene above, Don Lope (Nicholas Bushman) prepares to stab Julie (Christie Lee) who is disguised as Frederic, unless Constance (Cierra Weaver) calls him off. Set design by Debra Fisher.


Beginning in the Fall of 2005, NPC began offering public performances in our intimate Drama Lab, which seats 50 patrons. Dinner Theatre performances hosted in conjunction with our Drama Lab productions have included All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten (Fall 2005), directed by Stephen Mehr with vocal direction by Benjamin Schoening, and the suspense thriller Night Watch (Fall 2007), directed by Lisa Jayne. The Night Watch cast pictured above included (seated) Marissa Decker (Dr. Tracy Lake), Gabriel Sierra (John Wheeler), Lauren De Cicco (Elaine Wheeler), and Charlotte Skousen (Blanche Cook). (Standing) Jerry Steel (Sam Hoke), Terry McConville (Curtis Appleby), Lance Richards (Lieutenant Walker), Michael Skousen (Officer Vanelli), and Nettie Klingler (Helga).


Our Spring 2007 production revived the popular radio drama genre by recreating a 1940s radio studio on-stage and offering our audiences radio drama performances of The Lost World and The Invisible Man, complete with live foley artists, news broadcasts, radio commercials and live music. In the picture above, Amity Mercer and Luke Walton perform a scene from The Lost World.

Alien Voices

The cast for the Alien Voices Radio Drama Production included (sitting, left to right) Rachel Beatty, Courtney Fisher, Monyca Stewart, Rayanna Cooper, Camilla De Cicco, Cierra Weaver, Chelsea McNeil, Amity Mercer, Margaret White, Marissa Decker, and Lindsay Burgess. (Standing, left to right), Jim Mills, Morgan Hildebrand, Mike Solomonson, Adrian Leon, Donovan Stole, Alex Brown, Jesse Marcum, Luke Walton, Jeff Jones, Barry Richins, Jerry Steel, Tom Duffy, Gabriel Sierra, and Debra Fisher.

In our Fall 2006 mainstage production, the Minstrel (Ben Davis) and the Jester (Terry McConville) assist Prince Dauntless (Greg Hudson), as Winnifred (Malori Jo Rhineheart) peacefully sleeps in Once Upon a Mattress.  The musical was directed by Lisa Jayne with music direction by Benjamin Schoening.  Set design by Patrick Connor.

The Dinner Party

Our Fall 2006 Drama Lab production was Neil Simon's The Dinner Party. The cast (left to right) included Amity Mercer (Mariette), Rayanna Cooper (Yvonne), Lauren De Cicco (Gabrielle), Donovan Stole (Claude), Luke Walton (Albert), and Gabe Sierra (Andre).  The production was directed by Dr. Mike Solomonson, with the design elements by Debra Fisher.

Intimations From the Brook

The Spring 2006 production was an original work created by Lish Johnston, Debe Sauro-Betts, and Dr. Mike Solomonson who collaborated to adapt the Susan Glaspell novel Brook Evans into a full-length play entitled Intimations From the Brook. The play received its world debut in April and also featured pre-show guest lectures from Glaspell scholars Martha Carpentier of Seton Hall University and Linda Ben-Zvi of the University of Tel Aviv. In the picture above, Young Naomi (Amy Ramsay) reacts to her father (Brian McLane) as he tries to coerce her to marry Caleb Evans.

Enchanted April

NPC produced Enchanted April for our Fall 2005 Dinner Theatre series. The cast included (standing, left to right) Brittan Pyper (Lady Bramble), Luke Walton (Antony), Lisa Jayne (Lotty), Donovan Stole (Frederick), Malori Jo Rhineheart (Rose), and Charlotte Skousen (Costanza). Seated, Greg Hudson (Mellersh) and Jenni Archibald (Mrs. Graves).


In April 2005, NPC performed Radium Girls, based on true events of women factory workers being poisoned through working with clock dial paint laced with radium. The cast (with principal roles noted) included (seated on the floor, l to r) Breana Williams (Mrs. MacNeil), Lindsay Burgess (Irene Rudolph), Amy Bushman (Kathryn Schaub), Amanda Larson (Anna Fryer),and Melanie Bartlett (Dr. Marie Curie). Seated on chairs (l to r), Tammy Mehr (Katherine Wiley), Kitt Tulk (Society Woman), Monyca Stewart (Grace Fryer), Marissa Decker (Diane Roeder), and Amity Mercer (Sob Sister). Standing (l to r) Alex Brown (Charlie Lee), Barry Richins (Dr. Von Sochocky), Patrick Connor (Edward Markley), Brian McLane (Raymond Berry), Luke Walton (Arthur Roeder), Jeff Jones (Lovesick Cowboy) Sigi Faith (Tom Kreider), Gabriel Sierra (Reporter), Daniel Holladay (Dr. Harrison Martland), and Lish Johnston (Mrs. Michaels/Board Member).

Man of LaMancha

Man of La Mancha was produced for the Fall 2004 Dinner Theatre series. Don Quixote is knighted with a barber's basin in this scene which featured Quixote (Steve Taylor), Barber (John Welker) and Muleteers (Monyca Stewart, Julianna Kartchner, Nick Bushman, Gabe Sierra, and J.C. Thompson). Set Design by Patrick Connor.


The debut Dinner Theatre production in the new Performing Arts Center in the Fall of 2003 was Ray Cooney's farce It Runs In The Family. Pictured above, the Matron (Jima Lee Mehr) struggles on a window ledge with Leslie (Patrick Bushman).


Philip Barry's Holiday was produced in the Spring 2003. In this composite photo (left) we see the character Johnny Case (Luke Walton) trying to explain his philosophy of life to his fiancee Julia Seton (Victoria Ahumada) and her father, Edward (Barry Richins). In the other photo (right) Nick and Susan Potter (played by Stephen & Tammy Mehr) liven up a New Year's eve party.


The fall 2002 production was Stephen Wadsworth's translation of Pierre Marivaux's Changes of Heart (The Double Inconstancy). Pictured above Harlequin (J.C. Thompson) confesses his thoughts to the fickle Lisette (Ciji Kott).

Additional shows that NPC has produced since the Fall of 2000 include Pump Boys and Dinettes (Fall 2000), Kindertransport (Spring 2001), A Wonderful Life (Fall 2001), Amelia Lives (School Touring show, 2001), Cardenio (Spring 2002), and the multimedia holocaust drama And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank (Spring 2004).