Tuition & Fees at NPC

NPC accepts the following forms of payment:
  • e-Cashier Payment Plan - Pay in full or budget your payments online AFTER you register for classes!
  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card payments through MasterCard, Discover or VISA
  • Cashier's Check or Money Order
  • Personal Check* (Must be pre-printed with the account holder's name, Arizona address and have a greater check number than 199).
Note: NPC does not participate in any Federal student loan programs, including Stafford, PLUS, FFELP Perkins, Direct or Private loans.

*If NPC receives a personal check back due to insufficient funds, a stop payment or a closed account, you have five (5) business days from the date the returned check was received by NPC to make a cash payment or other arrangements. A fee of $25 will be charged for each instance. Personal checks will not be accepted from individuals who have had checks returned to NPC for insufficient funds, stop payment or a closed account in the past.

Listed below are some useful terms that will help you navigate NPC's tuition and fee information.

  • Tuition

Tuition is a charge paid for instruction. It is based on the number of credit hours a student is enroll in. Each course at NPC is assigned credit hours and tuition is charged to the student based on the total number of credit hours enrolled in per semester. Some courses at NPC have 0 credits assigned to them but still may have a charge to take the class. Be sure to make your payment on time so you don't get dropped from your classes!

2018-2019 tuition schedule

  • Fees

A fee is an additional charge on top of tuition for courses. NPC charges several kinds of fees for taking classes:

Late Registration Fee – Students registering for classes on or after the first day of the semester will be charged a $25 Late Registration Fee, which is non-refundable. Short-term classes will also have a late fee assessed according to the start date.

Exceptions: There are a few exceptions in which the Late Registration Fee will not be applied. Students who meet the following criteria will not be assessed a Late Registration Fee during any point of the semester:

  1. Registering only for ECD, COS, or POS courses.
  2. Registering only for noncredit courses.
  3. Registration is to replace a canceled class.
  4. Registration if the student is exchanging one previous course registration for another.
  5. Registering only for dual enrollment courses.

See Late Registration Fee for Waiver Procedure and Petition Form

Media Fee - Every student who registers for 3 credits or more will be charged a Media Fee per semester. This fee is used to help offset the cost of media services that are available to all NPC students such as computers, audio and video equipment, electronic library resources and Internet. Please note this is a general fee and additional fees may apply to specific courses offered at NPC.

Course Fee - Some courses at NPC have additional fees  covering supplies and materials used by students in the classroom. Please note that students may also be responsible for providing other supplies or tools in addition to these fees.

Special Fee - These fees cover a variety of other services such as GED testing, credit by evaluation, online course offerings, and others that do not specifically have to do with courses.

  • Semester

A semester is a period of weeks during which courses are taught. NPC currently offers three semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer) of classes to its students. A semester is defined by dates on the academic calendar. Although most classes are taught on a semester basis, not all classes taught at NPC have to be started and completed during a semester, such as some Internet courses.

  • Credit Hours

Credit hours are units of academic credit assigned to courses. These credits can be combined together to earn an associate degree or certificate. Not all courses offered at NPC have credit hours assigned to them and may not be applicable to a degree or certificate.

  • Academic Year

An academic year consists of three semesters starting in the fall and ending in the summer. An academic year crosses over more than one calendar year. Example: 2009 - 10 academic year.

  • Academic Calendar

NPC's academic calendar contains key dates important to every student for all semesters within one academic year. Information contained on this calendar includes semester start and end dates, registration dates, college closure dates, graduation and more. These dates are for events college wide but may not list other important dates for students such as department or program deadlines.

  • Reduced Tuition

Students 60 years of age or older regardless of residency status may qualify for a reduced tuition rate at 50% of the applicable tuition rate. All other fees will be assessed at the full rate for students. The tuition reduction is NOT applicable for enrollment in non-credit seminars, classes, or programs. To qualify, a student must meet the appropriate age qualification prior to enrolling:

  • May 1 of the year in which enrollment is planned for Summer session
  • January 1 of the year in which enrollment is planned for Spring semester
  • August 1 of the year in which enrollment is planned for Fall semester

NPC also participates in the Western Undergraduate Exchange program.

Tuition Refund Policy

Fall or Spring Semester
  • 100% before the first day of semester (see academic calendar for dates)
  • 100% if NPC cancels the class
  • 50% through the second week of the semester
  • No refund AFTER the end of the second week of the semester

Summer Session
  • 100% before the first day of the session (see academic calendar for dates)
  • 100% if NPC cancels the class
  • 50% through the first two days

Short-Term Courses & Workshops
  • 100% before the first day
  • 100% if NPC cancels the class
  • 50% through the first two days
  • No refunds on a two-day workshop AFTER it has started