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Why Choose NPC's Web Development Program?

With the phenomenal growth of the Internet has come an equally astounding rise in the career fields of Web graphic design and Web page development. While the major driving force behind Web page expansion has been e-commerce, it is now the rare institution, association, business or group that doesn't have a Web page to tell the world about itself. In this rapidly expanding digital world, those organizations are looking for someone to provide them with polished, professional websites.

Take advantage of this great career opportunity by earning an NPC degree or certificate in Web Development and Graphic Design.

About Our Program

The NPC Computer Information Systems program offers you several options in the ever-growing fields of Web Development and Graphic Design. NPC's Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) combine both areas to help launch your Web career.

The Web Development and Graphic Design AAS prepares you for tasks ranging from simple page building and web graphic manipulation to the methodologies used for systems analyses and design in the increasingly complex world of e-commerce.

All design and development degrees and certificates include credit hours devoted to creating your professional portfolio.

Degree/Certificate Options

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Web Development and Graphic Design (64 credit hours): In addition to 16 hours of general education credits that can transfer to other colleges and institutions, the Web Development and Graphic Design AAS features 45 hours of core requirement courses ranging from basic art design and drawing through training in photographic imaging; page layout; 2-dimensional, interactive and animated graphics; GNU Linux; foundational web development; database-driven websites, electronic commerce; and Web design technologies. Students cap their studies by creating their own portfolio of graphics and websites.

  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Web Development and Graphic Design (48 credit hours): A shortened program of study concentrating on the 42 hours of core requirement courses plus six hours of pre-selected general education English and mathematics courses.
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CP) in Commercial Graphics Fundamentals: a 12-credit course of study featuring graphics communication technology, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and layout and design.
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CP) in Graphic Design: a highly focused 18-credit series of courses that include the full range of computer graphic design essentials. Students also create their own portfolio.
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CP) in Web Development: a highly focused 18-credit series of courses that include the full range of Web development essentials, including the GNU Linux operating system, database-driven websites, e-commerce, and technologies and best practices for Web development.

      Career Opportunities

      For those gifted with artistic talent, a Web design career offers you a good income while putting that talent to work. According to www.salary.com (4/2015) a Web Designer I earns a median salary of $63,621 per year in the Phoenix area. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual salary for a print graphic designer at $46,350 (SOC 27.1024)

      If you are a creative person with technical aptitude, a career in the more technically specialized field of website development can pay handsomely. With a degree and a few years of experience, Web developer salaries average more than $70,570 a year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2015. SOC 15.1134).

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      Online Course Options

      CIS 105 (SUN # CIS 1120) Computer Applications and Information Technology is a prerequisite for most CIS courses, degrees and certificates.

      University Transfer Options

      Some courses within the program may transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Always work with your NPC academic adviser to ensure you are taking the right courses to meet your educational and career goals.

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      We hope this information is helpful to our current and prospective students as you make your career and educational choices. For more information on Gainful Employment requirements, please read this letter from the U.S. Department of Education (7-page PDF).


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